Just had a very successful event: a play in the Museum Theatre in Chennai, India, in aid of one of our funds for poor patients. Raised about Rs.35,00,000 (about US73,000) which is a lot for India I reckon, certainly from my limited experience. I was reluctant to do a big event because I (rightly, as it turned out) expected that we would be lucky if ticket sales covered the costs. Where we made our money was from sponsorship, advertising and donations mainly by companies. What was disappointing was the poor response to the reply card that we put into the programme brochure. Only about 21 people filled it in and returned it on the night, and no one yet has sent one in by post. I am finding it difficult to get people to sign up to join our "friends" group - which I had hoped would be the main way to build a list of committed supporters.--Hughp 15:20, September 2, 2009 (UTC)

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